Survey 20 presents will be given away every month to those who answer the survey!

Survey Form

Among those who answer the survey, 20 people will be picked out by lottery every month to receive the company's original bandanna or handkerchief.

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Are you interested in the OKAJIMA company?
How did you find out about us?
What part of OKAJIMA are you particularly interested in? What impressions do you have of us?
Is there any product of ours that interests you?
Have you purchased our products before?
What do you think of Kyoto?
Do you own/run a community circle of any sort (cultural, educational, leisure etc.)?
Have you used a made-to-order service of any sort before? (clothing, food, housing etc.)
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Our Privacy Policy

We, OKAJIMA Co., Ltd., acknowledge the importance of respecting the privacy of our customers and consider it the company's obligation to protect their private information. Below is our privacy protection policy to meet the expectations and ensure the trust of our customers.

  1. We specify the intended use of personal information and collect the necessary information under the consent of our customers.
  2. We endeavor to carry out proper administration and use of customer information.
  3. We make sure that all of our employees follow the policy.
  4. We carry out proper supervision of the security and maintenance of personal information.
  5. We obey the laws, regulations and other standards for handling personal information.
  6. We carry out a regular, continuous assessment and review of our methods of handling personal information and endeavor to improve them where we deem necessary.
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