Introducing IMAN Features OKAJIMA's original decorative cloths produced through combining traditional Indonesian Batik and Kyo Yuzen.

OKAJIMA IMAN Marvelous Fusion of Two Heritages

IMAN features new types of decorative cloths produced through the combining of traditional Indonesian Batik and hand-painted Kyo Yuzen.  Each item is painstakingly hand made by our artisans.  Enjoy these exquisite works of art where the two heritages are harmoniously combined to produce new creations.

OKAJIMA IMAN Calligraphy Pen

A set of a lacquered calligraphy pen and a stylish sleeve both made by OKAJIMA. The outer layer of the sleeve is leather (cowhide), and the inner layer is dyed Batik and hand-painted Kyo Yuzen.

OKAJIMA IMAN Calligraphy Pen
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