OKAJIMA Textile The OKAJIMA company makes OEM products as well, using a variety of textiles.

OKAJIMA as a Textile Maker

Using selected patterns from OKAJIMA’s haura designs, Beams Co., produced a selection of men’s shirts in 2013.

Some of the promotional merchandise of the popular TV program "Suiyo Dodesho (how do you like Wednesday)?" were also produced by OKAJIMA such as happi (light, short kimono tops), hand towels, bandannas, as well as tote bags that were co-produced by Porter Classic.

Other products include goshuin-cho (stamp book) for the Coppa Di Tokyo and furoshiki (wrapping cloth) with the Iemon logo for the Kyoto tea party hosted by SUNTORY Iemon. OKAJIMA will continue to strive for excellence as a textile maker.

Introduction of OKAJIMA's Textile Book

OKAJIMA's Textile Book

OKAJIMA Collection Kyoto Textile `The Potential of Yuzen`

It's been more than 160 years since chemical dyes were imported to Japan. This book guides you through OKAJIMA's way of expressing their sense of beauty and its intertwining with the course of the history of dyeing. Also portrayed in the book are clothing, food and housing in Kyoto and how OKAJIMA has made products that correspond to the ever-changing life style of people by using the traditional dyeing technique.

Publisher: Hearst Fujingashosha
First published: August 7, 2012
Price: 3,900 yen (plus tax)

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